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Electromeet is a value-effective online laboratory platform, designed for engineering lecturers, and studentsWe utilise cloud technology, and both remote & virtual instruments to strengthen practical training instead of replacing it.

We focus on instructional scaffolding to ensure cognitive learning outcomes, and empower critical thinking in students.

Electromeet education cloud platform enables you to:

  • Bring your campus computer labs online
  • Design your online labs to best meet your learning outcomes 
  • Integrate practical training directly into your web LMS

Our mission is to ensure students receive an achievable, relevant, and exceptional practical training, regardless of their circumstances or learning styles.

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Smart resource cloud

300+ practical experiments that can be tailored to your specific curriculum to reduce workload and ensure unit outcomes are achieved.

Personalised learning

Dedicated lab enhances student engagement and critical thinking through freedom of experiment and play.

Diverse approach

The combined benefits of remote and virtual labs give you flexibility in design and delivery practical assessments.

Unlimited autonomy

24/7 access ensures both lecturers and students can design, and learn anytime, anywhere.

Moodle LMS integration

Allow all users to your Electromeet without any installation. All you need is a web browser and stable internet.

Cost-effective solution

A rewarding investment to improve student's practical learning outcome and boost their satisfaction.

Scalable & Comprehensive

Remote labs

Computers connected to physical equipment and sensors equivalent to the traditional university engineering lab. These practicals are interactive, controllable, variable, and viewable over webcams in real-time, with examples including; data communication and protocols, scientific instrumentation, physical experimentation, the control and observation of circuits, systems and machinery, and robotic automation.

Virtual labs

Computers hosting software for a multitude of engineering applications, including modeling and analysis, science education, programming, power network design, construct models, design and drafting, project management, industrial process control, and virtual plant field operations.

Invigilation system (IRIS)

IRIS is a invigilation application that helps provide educators assurance of assessment integrity during online and remote assessment. IRIS records audio, video, and computer screen activity for the duration of a test/exam. It analyses this information using machine learning and automatically flags potential academic dishonesty displaying the data in an easy to use reporting dashboard.

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Our success Story:
Engineering Institute of Technology

One of EIT's students using Electromeet labs at home

Electromeet has been customised to provide solutions for the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), an online-based engineering education provider. 

Dedicated to ensuring that all online students acquire the practical skills and confidence necessary to put theory into practice,  Electromeet has enabled EIT to meet the challenges of remote engineering education with proven success.

Electromeet’s virtual and remote labs allow EIT a workaround for complex administration and logistics such as supervision, space, scheduling, budget and commuting. Electromeet perfectly integrates with the institution’s Moodle LMS. Current students can easily use wide range of engineering software and real-time hardware that they will encounter in real-world working situations, regardless of their personal location or learning circumstances. 

Furthermore, the engineering industry is characterised by rapidly occurring innovations and continuous advancement of existing technologies. Therefore, it is a challenge for institutions to keep up with the high pace of change by being up to date with facilities, education concepts, and curriculum. Electromeet’s scalability allows EIT to ensure their program content remains current with rapidly changing technology and industry developments with minimal cost.

A step towards a student-centric pedagogy, Electromeet’s cloud-based approach to engineering education gives their students a tremendous advantage over traditional campus-based learning. Electromeet not only sparks curiosity in students but empowers them to study in their own style. Whether an EIT student is studying on-site or late at night, their practical learning experience is able to be embraced anywhere, any-pace and any-time.

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I found the access to software programs via the remote labs very useful, which saved me from having to download programs onto my own computer. I am now more well rounded in my technical ability.
M Buckley
The learning experience was able to fit into my busy lifestyle allowing me to study at home with 24-hour access to remote labs without having to attend physical classes.
N Godden
The labs were instrumental and beneficial to my online learning experience. The simulation software felt real, it felt like I was physically in the lab.
M Nanono